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Scribbled. By Carrie is a newly launched brand, originally The Craft Unit - same face, new sparkle!


We have recently developed big changes in the way in which our sessions actively aim to enhance children’s sensory development, imagination, creativity and more.


Our sessions all take place within our beautifully bright and exciting creative studio in South Hykeham, Lincoln. And we will soon be expanding our creative fingertips to our online reach too!

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FREE refreshments for all attending grown-ups.

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Craft Parties.

Our ever-so-popular craft parties are suitable for ages 1-10yrs of age and are completely personalised to the wishes of the birthday child. Perfect for up to 15 children, our parties are both reasonably priced & easy for parents to arrive, sit back & relax.

Hello, I'm Carrie.

Founder of Scribbled.By Carrie

From working within schools across Lincoln, to throwing myself into the world of entrepreneurship with all things crafty & creative - my love for this business is like my love for Harry Potter (which is a lot, by the way!).

Inviting children and their families into my bright and exciting studio fills me with pride and enjoyment, and I like to think that’s exactly what you gain from visiting too.

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